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What type of editing does your book need?

Not sure what type of editing your book needs?

Here is a list of different types of editing:

Copy Editing/Line editing

Copy editing usually involves correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation, checking sentence structure and removing overused words.

The copy editor does not usually examine the structure of the novel itself, but may provide helpful comments if they feel that they are issues.

Line Editing

Line editing and copy editing are very similar. Some editors consider them synonymous and others differentiate between them. This is where the editor examines grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

They may also make comments on the author’s style or if there are any issues with the structure of the novel.

Developmental/Structural Editing

Developmental or structural editing sometimes takes place while the author is still drafting the novel or before they have completed their final draft.

During this type of editing, the editor will work with the author to help develop the plot, subplots, characters, story arc and check for consistency.

A developmental edit does not address any issues with grammar, punctuation, or style. Because of the amount of work this requires, this is usually the most expensive form of editing and the most time-consuming.


A proofreader checks for errors involving spelling, punctuation, and basic grammar. They do not usually comment or check for  anything outside of these, but may make comments if they notice any substantial errors.

If you’d like to discuss the type of editing you’d like for your own book free free to contact me here

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