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Write Now Creative

Beta Reading and Critique

Are you looking for your very own professional beta reader?

It’s always important to have someone read your work before you get it published, I know that as both an author and professional editor.

Every successful author has beta readers, it’s always best to hear about the problems in your work before you go to publication.

Friends and family won’t tell you if your story is bad or if they don’t understand your stories. They’re not editors.


Pass Copyscape

I’m not the kind of beta reader who will tell you your work is boring. I will give you an in-depth report on which areas of your story work and don’t work and what areas can be improved.

I will go through and read your book in-depth and provide a report at the end which includes comments on things such as:

Note: This service doesn’t include any kind of formatting or editing. It is a critique service only.