As you might imagine, this is the question I hear most often.

 I don’t believe in charging by the word. Why should you pay for quality editing whilst breaking the bank? I prefer charging a flat rate depending on word count.

Copy/line editing

A 20% non-refundable deposit is required on booking. I also offer an optional extra round of proofreading at a discounted rate.

Prices for books of up to 10,000 words are a flat rate of £50

Price for books of 30,000 words: £100 ($120) + £30 extra for an optional round of proofreading

Price for books of 50,000 words: £200 ($225) + £70 extra for an optional round of proofreading

Prices for books of 80,000 words £250 ($350) + £100 extra for an optional round of proofreading. Prices for books of over 100,000 words are dependent on word count

Note: payments are charged in UK pounds GBP. Dollars are just a rough estimate for international clients.

Developmental editing

Prices for anything up to 10,000 words is £100

Prices for 30-50,000 words: £250 ($340)

Price for 100,000-word books: £350 (475)

Prices for up 150,000 words £450 ($600)

An extra round of either copy editing or proofreading is also available at a discounted rate.


Copy editing and developmental editing

Need a developmental edit and copy edit together? Look no further.

price for up to 10,000 words is £75

Price for up to 30,000 words is £150.

Price for books 50,000 words £350

Price for 80,000 words £450

Price for 120,000 £500

Extra round of proofreading also available as an optional extra.



For up to 30,000 words £60($100)

For up to 50,000 words £150 ($150)

For up 80,000 words £200 ($250)

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